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If you're planning, designing or building a new school or if you're wanting to update an existing school we can help to future-proof your digital displays in seven different ways. All seven displays listed below can be provided, and if desired installed, by our company direct or via your local importer/agent. This “shopping list” doesn’t need to be expensive and not all schools will aim to achieve the full list in one year but rather plan to roll-out the gradual installation of all 7 displays over a period of years (unless of course budgets allow for complete day one installation which is, naturally, the very best outcome). In this list there’s really no division between “nice to have” and “fundamental” as every display has a purposeful role on campus. Clevertouch in classrooms with its creative and multi-subject interactive lesson planning software is beneficial for every school but there’s a strong argument for the other 6 displays equally in a school that is planning to promote itself in the market as a premier, leading-edge centre of digitally-supported teaching and learning excellence.

  1. Classrooms. Clevertouch Impact 65” (up to 20 pupils) or 75” (20-30 pupils) wall or trolley mounted. Some schools chose to mount all their Clevertouch on trolleys so the teachers can easily move them around and change the configuration of the classrooms to suit the particular day or lesson and to break up the standard cinema style seating format.
  2. Digital Signage. Screens with specific software allowing all media to be displayed: videos, streaming news channels, Principal’s messages, staff news, welcomes, pupils' artwork, urgent alerts and emergency action messages. Uniquely our Digital Signage platform and Clevertouch are virtually connected so that the controller can instantaneously send out an urgent notice or message to reach every person on campus whether in a classroom or in any other space, room or corridor.
  3. Video Wall. Special super-slim screens that are seamlessly connected to form a large and impressive display. Our software enables the playing/displaying of either one large video/picture/content or for each screen to individually display different content. Usually the location for the video wall is selected as the main reception/entrance where visitors, staff and pupils pass through. Video walls certainly have the wow factor!
  4. Free-standing outdoor Digital Signage. These displays are purpose-made to remain outdoors in all weathers and can stand high temperatures. They can display individual welcome content or may be synched with the Digital Signage screens elsewhere in the school/campus.
  5. Clevertouch Plus in meeting rooms and offices. This screen uses additional functionality to serve as a Zoom or Microsoft Team facilitator and to act as a central presentations and meetings enabler.
  6. Clevertouch Impact on motorised raise and lower lifts. This combo of screen and lift is used in Primary classrooms to enable the little ones and the teachers to use and work on a screen without either having to resort to bending or stretching. The motorised raise and lower lift takes the screen from adult height down to little one’s level and back up again in seconds.
  7. Projectors. The only remaining role for short throw projectors is in large-size seminar rooms where a large displayed image and content is required. Our range is state-of-the-art, remote controlled and high definition. Motorised projection screens complete the set-up.

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