CPD edutech resources training for teachers

"The creative use of interactive classroom technology for teachers of all subjects"

In many schools, teachers with edutech in their classrooms have been the victim of the wrong type of training delivered by the wrong trainers and focused on the wrong outcomes. Most tech product trainers are technologically focused rather than pedagogically focused (eg, this is how you switch it on and off rather than this is how you use it to engage and promote learning), don't have teaching backgrounds and can't appreciate the creative and resourceful ways in which teaching technology needs to be integrated with lessons plans.

Technology training for teachers needs to be applied with an understanding of how it can enable a transformation in teachers’ pedagogical practices and students’ pedagogical experience. Technology shouldn’t be an add-on or extra work. It has to be integrated and to support them with the material they have to cover in the classroom with their students. The right trainer giving the right form of instruction can turnaround the weakness of under-use in schools.

Our senior trainers deliver pedagogical-based instruction on the creative uses of classroom technology and have the ability to transform low usage and equip teachers to perform to a higher level working with their tech resources.

Specifically, the training we deliver includes – • building confidence in using technology as a creative teaching and learning aid • exploring the range of activities where learning can be enhanced, supported and developed through the use of the technology • understanding and be able to use multiple software and media forms on the technology • using interactivity via the technology where passivity of display has been the norm • bringing collaborative learning to classrooms with customised quizzes and challenges • integrating media, software and learning styles into class situations and demonstrating the effectiveness of interactivity to stimulate pupils.

The power of classroom technology to create stimulating and visual support to teachers' lessons comes not from the tech alone but from the combination of properly trained teachers using their digital resources to the fullest and the most creative extent.

For training costs and further information, call Chris Ogilvie-Taylor on +44207706 2896 or email him at cot@marsdengrant.com