Do you have teachers who demonstrate misoneism?

Published by Chris Ogilvie-Taylor, CEO of Marsden Grant on 20 December 2013

Misoneism is the hatred or dislike of what is new or represents change. In education, this usually involves classroom technology. If teacher resistance to new educational technology is a cause for your concern, you are not alone! Many consider it to be one of the ironies of the profession that some class teachers are often not the best learners. And yet edutech is second only to its teaching staff as being every school's priority and essential capital investment. So how to square this circle?

As an edutech provider leading the market in the new generation of touch operated high definition flat panel displays, we encourage our schools customers to appoint an edutech champion, form an edutech practice and shared experiences club for teachers and to build edutech training into the school's Professional Development programme for teaching staff. These and other ideas stimulate teacher involvement with the edutech in their classroom.

Edutech is now a permanent and evolving fixture in classrooms and is proving its great value in the increased engagement, stimulation and collaboration of pupils. All teachers in all subjects need to embrace its potential to support their lessons and to add value to their subjects.

To request useful support information as to how your school can develop and extend its use of edutech, please contact me at or use the contact facility on this site.

Chris Ogilvie-Taylor

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