Can you believe this?

Published by Chris Ogilvie-Taylor, CEO of Marsden Grant on 26 March 2014

For any senior manager in education who may still have doubts over the wisdom of budgeting for digital resources in the classroom, listen up. This morning I received a 23 second voice message through WhatsApp. Most of my contacts in WhatsApp send typed messages as they don’t know or aren’t aware of the voice message facility. The voice message option is the more complex messaging method. Interesting but so what? Well, how about if I tell you that the sender of the voice message was Juliette, the 2 year old daughter of a friend whispering the voice message to say hello, how are you covertly without her Mother knowing! Thinking, plotting, choosing her moment, processing the message and sending it at just 26 months of age!! She can’t yet read or write but she has mastered hand held digital technology. Blows me away and increases my determination to convince any remaining digital naysayers that teaching and learning with digital media is the only way forward for education today. And bravo to Juliette!

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Juliette knows how to send WhatsApp voice messages. Do you?!