eBeam Smartmarker

Product Reference: 1810010


Capture, share and stream live notes from any whiteboarding surface - straight to your favorite device. Bring those long-distance colleagues right into your meeting room, letting them see board notes live, and even participate - marking up notes remotely.Slip an everyday marker into the sleeve and wherever you go, whatever you write, with whatever device you use, you and your team can collaborate together easily.* Stream everything you write on your whiteboard to anyone in the world.* Save time and money by allowing you to communicate more effectively with your remote teams.* Share everything you physically write or draw in real time pairing perfectly with your favorite communication program or application like Skype, Webex, or GoTo Meeting.* Super portable and adapts to your environment. Throw it in your pocket or bag and use it anywhere.* Works on any flat surface and can capture an area up to 8 feet wide and 5 feet tall. Use both sides of the sensor to capture two full 8ft x 5ft boards.* Easily connect with your remote colleagues using the eBeam Marker application.

Features & Specifications

  • Warranty UK Mainland 2 year RTB
Other Features
  • Brand eBeam by Luidia
Smartmarker Components
  • Sensor 1
  • Digital Marker, Black 1
  • USB Dongle 1
  • Charging Cradle 1
  • Digital Eraser 1
  • Cradle Top Case 1
  • Cradle Bottom Case 1
  • Eraser Magnet Plate 2
  • Sensor Magnet Plate 2
  • Digital Eraser Felt 3
  • 4.5 Meter Sensor Cable 1
  • Board Size Sticker 2
  • Luidia Board Marker, Black 1, 12
  • Luidia Board Marker, 4 colors 0
  • AC-DC Adapter 1
  • AA Battery 1
  • HWR License 1
  • Giftbox 1
  • User Manual 1
  • Multi Cradle Manual 0