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Sedao’s RoomXchange provides a powerful room booking system combined with fully featured digital signage, in an attractive 10-inch touch screen. No other room booking system offers the same level of functionality, ease of use and cost effectiveness, and allows you to extend your digital communication channel to include room booking screens.Quick and easyRoomXchange’s easy-to-use interface makes booking rooms a breeze. When a room is free, just click on the screen and select when you’d like your meeting to finish.Finished your meeting early? Just click on the screen to end the meeting and free the room for others to use.Arrived early for a meeting? Click on the screen and start your meeting early.Integrate with Microsoft ExchangeRoomXchange integrates with Microsoft Exchange Web Services®, which is already part of your Exchange server or Office 365 system, so there is no software to install.Connect your screens and staff can then book rooms simply be adding the room when they send out meeting requests.Plus, using Microsoft Office® allows you to find free meeting rooms and avoid double bookingsMuch more than a room booking systemSedao’s RoomXchange is a fully functioning cloud signage player, so when rooms are not in use the screens can be scheduled to play any of your SedaoLive channels (see more details and get started for free at you need to sayEdit and play all the communications you need through your RoomXchange screens, including pictures and graphics, movies, PDFs, PowerPoint and more. Typical uses include:Marketing communicationsInternal communications and company newsEmergency notices - If your facility has an emergency, your network of RoomXchange screens can be included in your emergency messaging by instantaneously switching to your Sedao emergency channel(s)

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